NetAgent enables you to find out various sources of risk and rid yourself of them.


PacketBlackHole Is Your Company's HR Solution!

PacketBlackHole (PBH) captures and analyzes all communications sent and received within the company network, recording who sent what at which time.

With PBH, violations of company policies can be spotted and made readily available for investigation. You can easily visualize potential security risks and other unseen issues which lie dormant, negatively affecting productivity.

PacketBlackHole concept

How PacketBlackHole Can Help

PacketBlackHole helps companies in two areas: Risk Management and Compliance

Productivity Issues

Are employees spending excessive amounts of time surfing the web or chatting online?
PBH offers a way to visualize and understand employees' workspaces and thus improve productivity.
Employees will be deterred from personal use of the network simply by knowing that PBH is active.

Case 1: Observing an Online Workspace
Personal use of the internet during office hours can lower productivity. However, simply restricting network usage can lead to an inefficient working environment.
PBH solves this problem by recording communications such as web traffic and instant messages, making it exceptionally easy to spot an unproductive workspace.
Case 2: Investigating Network Usage
PBH doesn't stop at analyzing data. A built-in report feature is also available.
Reports can be automated, effectively managing the system and improving efficiency. Or the data can be aggregated according to user-selected values, allowing output on different formats such as CSV.

Internal Policy Violations

It can be difficult to enforce against information leaks with anything more than a written Non-Disclosure Agreement.
PBH automatically collects evidence of any illegal leaks of important information (secret documents, customer lists, etc.) occurring over the network, helping to easily identify the offender.

Case 3: Investigating Fraud / Identity Theft
Capturing evidence of suspected fraud from within the office can be especially tough once it has already occurred.
PBH keeps a running log containing specific information captured and analyzed over the network, providing strong, concrete evidence against any fraud or theft.
Case 4: Preventing Unauthorized PC Use
PBH can capture communications of any device connecting to the network, including devices removed from the office environment.
For instance, a PC which has been taken out of the office will still have all communications with the office captured by PBH.

Reducing Risk of Information Leakage

PBH improves security from both inside and out!
Employees are at a reduced security risk, fully aware that PBH is monitoring the network.
Also, in the event of an external attack, you can quickly respond to find those accountable -- keeping the faith of employees and stakeholders alike -- all thanks to the capture and analysis of communications provided by PBH.

Case 5: Defense Against Targeted Attacks
Targeted attacks cannot be completely prevented simply through web filtering.
Even the most careful employees can unknowingly fall victim to attacks such as phishing sites, therefore an effective defense is necessary.
In order to face such unavoidable threats, a thorough in-house first response investigation is made possible with PBH.